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snowdrop2 in seektofindbook

Directions for Community Posting


There are a lot of authors (including self-published) out there who aren't being read or even noticed!  This is your chance to give your favorite books or authors a chance to be read!  Please include the following when you post.

1.      Name of the author

2.      Title of book(s)

3.      Name of publisher

4.      Author's URL (If they have a website)

5.      Number of pages

6.      Two - three paragraphs about the book (What is it about or synopsis.)

7.      What's your opinion, here is your chance to say how amazing or an utter waste of time you think the book is. (Please included examples)


Make sure that you have sighted you’re sources; you want your comments to be credible.

Thanks for your participation.  You have helped to make this community something to talk about.