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Cry of the Icemark

Author: Stuart Hill

Title of Book: Cry of the Icemark

Name of Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Author’s URL: It doesn’t look like he has a website, but there is plenty of information out there about him!

Number of Pages: 472

About this Book: If you like adventure themed stories with the amazing and personable main character beating impossible odds, this book is for you! This book, which is the first in a current series of three, is the story of Princess Thirrin. Thirrin is a fourteen year old girl who has to take up the throne of her kingdom after her father leaves to face the threat of a seemingly unstoppable empire. She teams up with a host of mythical allies and has to do what most teenagers her age couldn’t not even be expected to attempt. The great thing about this story is that it is believable. How many authors do you know can make it seem like a real teen could run a country?!? The main character Thirrin is believable and has real moments of vulnerability, though one or two do push the limit so to speak.

Thirrin ends up overcoming incredible odds with talent, perseverance, and a great deal of help. She has to deal with the death of family members (I’m not going to say who!) and working to convince creatures she never dreamed existed to help her. I found myself cheering her on! The other characters in this story, such as Oskan, and “Maggie” just help to make this story rich and complex. Thirrin ends up saving her kingdom, only because the opposing forces flee for their lives and has to start the work of repairing the damage they have caused.

Opinion: I really enjoyed this book. Besides cheering on the nation of Icemark, I wanted to personally take care of the general of the opposing army. He is that cocky and full of himself! I really must give credit to Stuart Hill for creating a villain you want to hate! I would recommend this book to anyone sixth grade and above. I give it a five out of five!