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Seek to Find

Author: Melissa Ice

Book: Seek to Find

Publisher: Publish America

URL: www.galderancitizen.webs.com

Number of Pages: 222

About the Book:

Synopsis: (Believe me this is really hard to find) “Marina’s predictable life comes apart at the seams when her father doesn’t return home one evening. With no family to help her, Marina sets out on her own. But when a former best friend betrays her, she is forced to leave the only home she has ever known. Struggling with both emotions and her newly discovered heritage, Marina is determined to save her father from a horrible fate. From the middle of a vast forest to the heart of an empire, Marina struggles to come to terms with her own heart and finds herself a part of a rebellion that aims to radically alter the lives of her people."

The book is about a young woman, 18, whose father disappears one day after he goes to get supplies at the nearest village. But he doesn’t come back. After waiting a couple days, Marina goes to the village to check out what is going on. While there, she is betrayed and locked up in a barn! But due to the efforts of another villager, she escapes and flees for her life. Forced to avoid human contact for the most part, she makes her way through the crumbling villages and their disheartened inhabitants. She is forced to seek help when her money runs out and is almost betrayed again, or so she thinks.

Opinion: Overall the book has a believable plot, good solid characters, and a very strong author voice. But the down side is that it looks like the publisher never edited the book, and the author missed some things. That kind of takes away from the potential the story has for being a rather good read. The story is rich in details, but that can sometimes be taken as rather too heavy and inflexible for the reader in some cases (depending on your preferences). Overall I would give this book a four out of five. Hopefully the author with have someone competent to edit if she decides to write more novels.

This author is really unknown.  I couldn't find any reviews or information other than what is included in her website.  Which, I must say is almost impossible to find.  Since she went with a POD publisher, I don't think many will read or review her book, (at least not without a large fee).  It would be great to hear if anyone else has read this book and has an opinion. 

Ice, M. (2009). Seek to find. Maryland: PublishAmerica.